Michelin list of Restaurants in the Department of the Vaucluse (84)


Avignon (Photo credit: LucaXino)

Here is Michelin’s list of restaurants in my old stomping grounds of the Vaucluse a department that includes the town of Avignon and other cities of gastronomic interest .  Click on the link below to see the PDF with all the listings.  It was shocking to see that la Mirande lost its one Star status.



The inside scoop on the Michelin guide’s standards

My father gave me this article that appeared in the New Yorker in November.   Everyone that follows the Michelin guide wonders about how carefully the analysis is made to determine whether a restaurant gets or loses a star.  No one has gotten to see inside that process, until now.  It is clear that Naret the new head of the guide is wanting to be a little more transparent about this process so that more might use the guide in the U.S.

For those of you with little understanding of the power of the Michelin guide this should be a good introduction and for those have used it for years this should provide more clarity.

The Michelin Guide’s Verdict for 2009 Provence Alpes Cote d’Azur

Every year the Michelin Guide is awaited with anxious anticipation.  Fortunes are made or lost based on who gets in this book and who gains or loses a star.  I was surprised to see a few changes that I know will rock some boats in the French culinary world.

My friends at Hotel d’Europe in Avignon lost their star and the one star chef Jean Luc Rabanel in Arles gained a Star.  There are a few other surprises, but these are the ones that touch me directly.

If you are heading to the area, this is a good start to researching the restaurants to visit while you are there.   Of course many decent restaurants are not included in this list.

provence-alpes-cotedazur.pdf enjoy the reading.  Oh BTW if you don’t know French “vous etes dans la merde.”