Lamb links

Cool Kitchen Equipment Links:

J.B. Prince , for all you gear head chefs this is the place to get it

Korin , for all of you chefs willing to lay down coin for the handmade Japanese knife. Other cool gadgets too.

International Cooking Concepts , Ditto though site is in Spain. If you want to get it though go to Le Sanctuaire

Le Sanctuaire , Molecular gastronomy, one stop shop

Cuisine Technology , a Polyscience produced newsletter which talks about new kitchen gadgets

Cooking Ingredients:

Wilpowder , Most hydrocolloids are available here

TIC Gums , Gums thickeners and hydrocolloids. You can buy them here.

Despana , a Spanish food product grocery store

El Bulli Texturas , if you want to play like the big boys

Niman Ranch , fighting the good fight by providing a healthier and more humane choice to the CAFO raised animals that we have been force feeding for the past fifty years.  However they have since been purchased by the big boys and the standards have quickly eroded in line with increased profits.  Not the first time we have seen this happen.

Local Food Producers:

Mike Callicrate Beef, Mike is an activist against the large feedlot industrial meat manufacturers. He raises his own cattle and is involved in every aspect of its life all the way to the plate. He also distributes other Colorado raised products raised according to his ideology.

Lasater Grassfed Beef, I had been curious about visiting this ranch ever since I read Fast Food Nation.  So one day I made a call and arranged a visit for my group of students.  The ranch is smack in the middle of the short grass prairie not far form Limon.  They raise the “Beefmaster” brand of cattle, which is a hybrid of several different species including brahma.  Our family has since developed a relationship with Dale Lasater and his crew.  We have spent several weekends horse back riding the short grass prairie.  The bulk of their business comes from selling bulls.  They also sell their grassfed beef.  You can buy it at Mike Callicrate’s site above.

Foxfire Farms We paired up with Slow Food Denver and did an event last fall called “Bushels and Bottles.”  One of the contributors was Foxfire farms out of Telluride. Their lamb was outstanding.  I wholeheartedly endorse their product.

King Canyon Buffalo I met the owner Chris Nerud about 8 years ago and started to cook with his buffalo meat.  Chris is a character and he took quite  a chance converting his calf and cow operation to a buffalo.  His stories of the learning process involved  in raising buffalo over cows are hysterical.  His buffalo is finished on corn so it is not grass fed throughout its whole life but it is a good product nonetheless.  Mention my name if you call and tell him you found out about them through this blog.

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