2010 Star Chefs International Chefs Congress Day 3 – Slam dunk high voltage kick in the Goin by Phat Albert

A picture of my placemat at the Somm Slam

It’s hard to keep your energy up for these conferences and I am sure I was not pushing it like some that come to this congress.  I had no workshop set up for this day so I was able to stroll in more casually.  I eavesdropped on the presentation by Keegan Gerhard, somewhat of a local celebrity in Denver, who was doing a presentation on ice cream making.  He said that when he worked at Charlie Trotters, Charlie would challenge him to describe sage without using the word sage.  Continue reading


2010 Star Chefs International Chefs Congress, Day 2 Dan Barber’s Culinary Evangelism

Starchefs ICC NYC 2010

Charlie Palmer extols the virtues of duck

Would you mess with this man? Charlie Palmer, the Emperor of a considerable culinary empire, flanked by the presence of his five generals from all parts of the nation formed a formidable presence on the main stage.  His protégés took turns at the helm of the presentation and each did their own variation on the duck and foie gras theme.  Some very traditional and some more innovative (think the legal smoking device used to infuse smoke flavor into the foie gras). Continue reading