2010 International Chefs Congress Workshops: No blood no glory

Star Chefs ICC NYC 2010

Brad Farmerie of Public

During my time at the Congress I attended two workshops (well three). The first on Day 1 was Blood the Essential liquid with Brad Farmerie from Public in NYC. Now I am not a big fan of boudin noir or black pudding, but I figured if my dad digs it maybe I should learn to put some together and I love tradition. So why not.  Scary enough I was the first in line to get in to the workshop. Continue reading


2010 International Chefs Congress, Day 1: Will the real artist step forward?

Starchefs ICC NYC 2010

The uber panel Michael Rhulman, David Kinch, Thomas Keller and Dan Barber

Art vs. Craft the theme of this year’s congress came to an inconclusive pause at the end of the opening panel’s debate facilitated by Michael Rhulman.  By the end of the debate by this fine panel of our nation’s gastronomic leaders (couldn’t it have been more international considering the title of the congress) we were left with a still open question. Does this craft belong in the arts?  Continue reading

Chefs, are you an artist or a craftsmen?

2010 International Chefs Congress

Tomorrow,  I will be on my way to NYC for the International Chefs Congress.  I went two years ago and found it very inspiring.  This year, I decided to fill out a survey and put my name in the bowl for a drawing for free tickets.   I was one of the lucky winners and will be present for the whole congress.

The last time I was at the Congress, Continue reading