Dog and Pony show

More summer bounty from the garden

The past week has been filled with activity.  The garden is pumping out beautiful produce and we have been of course feasting on the bounty.  Just finished cooking a Greek casserole called Pastitsio (dubbed Greek lasagna by Saveur) using mostly what I had in the garden.

Last night I decided to finally attempt to grill pizza and top it with the tomatoes pictured above. My son and daughter created their own pizzas and I was amazed at how easy and tasty this technique is.  Make your dough, stretch it, slide onto the grill, flip and take it back in for toppings.  Lower the temp of your grill and slide the dressed pizza  back on, pull down the cover and bake until the topping is cooked through.  Easy as pie (pun intended).  Next I will try to use our pizza stone directly on the grill and see how well that works.  I urge you to attempt this technique if you have never tried it.

My son Paris putting toppings on his personal grilled pizza

Last Sunday I went to work to do a radio show with Mike Boyle on 710 AM KNUS.  He is the host of the Restaurant Show and was promoting our school and the upcoming Taste of Douglas County that our marketing pro decided would be beneficial .  All he needed was a control board, a phone and two mics to do a remote show.  It a was fun experience and yet another area of media for me to explore.  Mike Boyle had been to an impressive number of countries in his life so we mostly talked about traveling during radio commercial breaks.

On Wednesday my boss and I had lunch with Claudine Pepin and her friend Elizabeth Woessner.  Very interesting meeting and who knows what might emerge from the encounter.

On Thursday evening the Kitchen Table had a booth at the Taste of Douglas County.  We put together samplings of Peruvian Ceviche with our local western slope corn and Callicrate Flatiron steaks on crostini with Tuscan Salsa Verde for around 2,000 roving starving conservative epicures.

Many came back to our booth several times and told us we had the tastiest food in the place.

Sauteed artichokes with Romesco sauce served on Bauscher plate for the September Deep Plate entry

The following morning I had a TV spot on Channel 2 the Deuce where I put together a Tortilla Espagnola and the above dish of sautéed artichokes with a sauce Romesco.   Earlier in the week I had a visit from a local company Iberia Products and decided to ask them for some of their products to display on the set during the spot.  As usual the spot went incredibly fast, but I managed to plug our school and the concept of Tapas.

We’ll see what next week has to offer.


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