You put the mango in the coconut

July Deep plate exercise. Coconut sticky rice spring roll on Bauscher plate

One of the really exciting aspects of my new job as GM and Exec chef at the Kitchen Table is I get to research and teach classes on world cuisines that are out of my comfort zone.  In my past two jobs my main focus was on French and Italian cuisines. Now I could be writing a recipes for a Thai class, or Peruvian, Moroccan, Spanish etc.

The “Couples” class has traditionally been taught by a husband and wife team that work at the school.  Cody the Kitchen Manager and her husband Michael have led these Saturday evening classes for quite some time.  Cody approached me to do them and I am taking up the relay.   Every cooking school seems to have some rendition of this wildly popular type of class that allows Couples to come and spend an evening bonding and learning to cook.

So I got my wife Lucy to come and help me out on our first couples night.  The theme was Thailand the land of enchantment.  The class went off beautifully and all the couples thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  We made special cocktails and our dessert was Coconut sticky rice with fresh mango.

My wife and I went to Thailand on our honeymoon ten years ago and we relished waking up every morning to go to the buffet line in our resort the Banyan Tree Phuket to have sticky rice (or black sticky) with fresh fruit.  So making this dish for the couples class brought back lots of great memories.

We also made rice paper spring rolls with shrimp that evening with a spicy peanut sauce.

I started to think about the plate I recently received from Bauscher for the July Deep Plate entry and sort of fused the two concepts. What if I made the coconut sticky rice and wrapped it in rice paper with fresh mangoes and lemon balm.  The result is the above picture.   The next thing I should try is to deep fry the above combination and see what happens.

June at the school has been busy.  I was on TV again and this time I brought in my son for a “father and son grilling”  segment with Dan Daru.  We were originally scheduled for a Friday morning shooting at 6am, but Dan Daru had to go to the Bulldog to cover the first day of the world cup and then the camera man who was going to shoot us was expedited to a double mortality car wreck on Rt.70.  So we got up at 4:15am and drove to the school for nothing.  Our marketing rep managed to reschedule us for the following Wednesday and that day went off without a hitch.  It was exciting to see my son on camera and I was happy to see him jump in on so many of the tasks on the grill.

This past week we completed our first kids camp for 3rd to 5th grade.  I’m proud to work in a place that is taking the cooking education of the next generation to heart. We will be featuring 3 more weeks of kids camps throughout the rest of the summer.

Chef Katy with 3 children in our kids camp


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