You put the mango in the coconut

July Deep plate exercise. Coconut sticky rice spring roll on Bauscher plate

One of the really exciting aspects of my new job as GM and Exec chef at the Kitchen Table is I get to research and teach classes on world cuisines that are out of my comfort zone.  In my past two jobs my main focus was on French and Italian cuisines. Now I could be writing a recipes for a Thai class, or Peruvian, Moroccan, Spanish etc.

The “Couples” class has traditionally been taught by a husband and wife team that work at the school.  Continue reading


Edible garden

Mesclun greens on my front porch

Two week ago, I planted some mesclun green seeds and today I am ready to harvest.  In the past I only planted one of these planters, but this year I planted two.  I can trim one, make a salad and the following day trim the other one.  This rotation should allow me to have beautiful mixed greens every day of the week.  Trust me when I tell you that growing your own mesclun is an amazingly better product than what you can buy at the store and a lot cheaper.