Follow the green brick road

Recycle chic at Duo

I was summoned by Facebook to attend some open house events at several local restaurants to market the Green Route association.  They invited people to come for free appetizers and drink specials.  I went to check out Duo on one night and Root Down on another.  Both restaurants are in the super trendy Highland’s neighborhood across from downtown Denver.  At Duo, I met one of the owners Stephanie and her daughter, who is about the same age as my youngest daughter.  Very nice lady.  The Green Route event came with no explanation by the representatives who were in attendance as to what their organization is about.  The owner of the restaurant when prompted by another customer could not offer a very convincing connection with the organization.  She felt she was probably chosen because they buy from local farmers in season, recycle, use alternative energy and even use their fry oil to power their Volkswagen van.  I don’t think they use the same oil to power the  black Maserati her husband and co-owner came to pick up his daughter with.

I got to eavesdrop on a conversation that a journalist who had just moved from Telluride where he worked as a reporter was having with a young lady reporter from Denver.  He talked about how he had written a story about  a guy who was growing medical marijuana in Telluride.  The guy had spent 25 years in jail for growing marijuana in Florida.  It appears he was also involved in some mafia stuff and was connected with the huge airport heist that was featured in the movie Good Fellas.

He apparently still has large caché of cash buried about in Florida.   Once out of prison the subject decided to move to Telluride as they were just legalizing medical marijuana.  As a result of the article, the reporter and the subject became close friends and he convinced the reporter to start his own grow operation.  He did and proudly boasted of having forty patients he serviced with his product.  I just thought it was a fascinating conversation to be overhearing in the bar of a trendy restaurant and it goes to show how mainstream this topic is becoming locally.

The Boulder Daily camera front cover page this past Sunday was about a proposed amendment to the Marijuana bill here that would force the dispensary and grow operations to buy 100% green energy to run their stores and grow operations.  Only in Boulder would it be important to attach this to a Marijuana bill.  Here you have to go green if you grow green.

Wall of old phones at Root Down

Two days later on Wednesday, I went to the open house at Root Down Restaurant also in the Highlands neighborhood.  The Green Route was even more absent at this open house.  Hard to believe we are in the midst of an economic downturn as the place was packed.  The lay out of Root Down is awesome.  It is a converted oil and lube place.  They can open the garage doors which lets in lots of light and gives the place a very open air feel.

The Green Route had reserved a whole section of the restaurant.  I joined a table with a lady that works as a freelance writer for the Examiner in the Green Initiative department.  She also works at the butterfly pavilion and had a large box of spiders sitting beside her at the table.  She was joined by a couple of friends a little later.

Appetizers were enjoyable though infrequent at Root Down.  The full sleeved tattooed waiter in a garage mechanic shirt took our drink orders and I was able to sit back and watch the action.   As I said before there was no effort to introduce to the invitees what the Green Route is about.  It would have been hard to do any kind of presentation in that setting but it seems like a missed opportunity nonetheless.

The ladies I sat with, who were into politics, started to talk about the Tea Party and the new law passed in Arizona.  They called them the tea baggers.  I know what I mean by tea bagging.

I ended the evening early, clicked my heels three times, and headed home at sunset.

It’s not hard to get home when you follow the green brick road.


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