The new reality

May Deep Plate entry: Pan fried chili rubbed shrimp on top of a quinoa and avocado salad with orange supremes

OK so I have been remiss in writing recently.  I don’t really have an excuse but certainly there has been a lot of change in my life recently and it seems time is slipping away from me at a faster pace than usual.

My new job at the Kitchen Table has been a departure from my past positions at Cook Street and Culinary School of the Rockies.  I’m still involved in cooking education but I am also involved in all the other facets of this enterprise.  From our web presence, to course descriptions & scheduling, to employee schedules, retail sales, wine purchases, formatting of recipe packs, research of course ideas, catering work, team building cooking sessions, to listening to CDs of potential bands and the list seems to go on.  Ah the joys of running a small business.

Recreational cooking is a very different beast than Professional instruction.  Recreational starts with the premise that everyone is at the crawling stage of culinary development, whereas Professional instruction relies on getting students self reliant and informed as quickly as possible so they can start to hone some skill.

You have a lot more opportunity to dazzle in a recreational cooking setting.  People come with a much lower level of expectation and are just thrilled when they accomplish so much in such a short time period.  It’s about the fun, mixed with a little bit education.  One unique element of our class offerings is that every two students cooks every dish on the menu. Hard to prepare for but great for the participant.

I have already begun to make some positive changes in the business.  We have implemented a new fresh out of the oven breakfast pastry program which includes croissants, pain au chocolat, fruit scones, danish and brioche cinnamon rolls.

The recipe packs we provide our clients have become uniform in appearance and I am quickly building a recipe data base that should help us create new course work in the future.

I started doing research on local breweries and stumbled across Del Norte Brewery which is making several Mexican style beers.  I wrote to them and later the same day they dropped off some samples.  Their Cinco and Orale beers are excellent.  I bought a couple of cases and we will be offering them to our clients in honor of Cinco de Mayo and our Mexican themed month at the school.

The new Samsung "Reality"

The title of this post refers to the purchase of my first ever personal cell phone.  We have owned a cell phone as a family (in case you thought I just crawled out from under a rock after a 100 years) but I have never had my own.  We are planning on disconnecting our land based phones and working exclusively off of our cell phones.  Have any of you out there done this yet?

Phones have certainly come a long way and the new Reality by Samsung is changing mine.


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