Dan Barber’s fish story

Dan Barber the owner of Blue Hill Stone Barn is an amazing public speaker.  His speeches are beautifully presented and captivating.  His message is always the same: nature will correct itself if given the chance and taste better.  He dispels the myth of the sustainability of the Kona Blue Kampachi (he is careful not to mention them by name, though anyone that has worked with that fish will recognize it).  He instead focuses on the second fish (Daurade Royale) which hails from the repair of a previous ecological disaster.

So far in the two great TED presentations I have seen he has his ecological epiphanies on the Iberian peninsula.  Natural foie gras in Extremadura and farmed fish in Andalucia.  Makes you wonder if he is being paid by ICEX.

Anyway, I am always impressed at his delivery and buy into his idealism, but am skeptical that reverting to a completely natural system will indeed feed the world.  Spain is, by the way, the 3rd largest consumer of fish on the planet.  They have a vested interest in getting the right system in place.


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