France Food and Wine Experience is open for business

France Food and Wine Experience is the name of my LLC which has been somewhat dormant during my tenure at Cook Street.  It is time to bring it back to life during this transitional phase of my career.

I am multi talented and multi lingual which translates into versatility and creativity when it comes to the services I can provide for you.  Here are just a few possibilities:

Culinary Tour Guide: I have 9 1/2 years of experience taking groups of up to 15 people to France for a month at a time.  I know the ins and outs of this country and have a vast network of chefs and artisan producers.  I am particularly well versed in the region of the Vaucluse around Avignon.   I can organize a 1 – 2 week  tailor-made excursion for a group around the food, wine and culture of this rich culinary region.  I have  access to the kitchen at the Chateau de Suze la Rousse in the heart of the Côte du Rhône wine country.

A view of the chateau de Suze la Rousse
A view of the Chateau de Suze la Rousse
Cooking at the Chateau de Suze la Rousse

I can also design trip itineraries for you to the same region,  if you are looking to discover the Vaucluse on your own but don’t want to waste time trying to find its hidden treasures.  I did a trip to Spain this way and I can vouch how much better it is to have people expecting you at different points of culinary interest.

Teacher and Trainer: I have been teaching people how to cook professionally for the past 12 years.  It is my life’s path and I enjoy empowering people with the skills necessary to cook with finesse and sound technique.   This is a craft I fell in love with at an early age and sharing this skill with others is very gratifying.   I can arrange for private or group lessons at your home and customize them to your personal needs.

Home Kitchen Tool Assessment and Recipe Instruction: You have all the gear from Williams and Sonoma but you don’t how to optimize its use or maybe you don’t know the right gear to get in the first place.  Let me come to your house and help you get the right stuff and show you how to use it correctly.

Cooking Demonstrations: I have done cooking demonstrations in different venues to different size groups. The last cooking demonstration I did was to a group of Uruguayan potato farmers in Montevideo Uruguay.  I am comfortable in front of a crowd and can successfully navigate a demo on foreign soil.  I have also done numerous TV segments. 

Cooking  Stages (apprenticeship) in France: What do all the top chefs in the U.S. have in common? They all spent some time in Europe working under master chefs.  There is no substitute for this kind of training.  If  you are cooking professionally and want to take your cuisine and resume to a whole new level, then let me arrange a stage (apprenticeship) at a Michelin starred restaurant for you.  I can handle all the logistics and you can focus on getting an authentic and life changing culinary education that will set you apart from every other U.S. culinary graduate or line chef.  I can even give you restaurant specific French Culinary Instruction so you won’t feel like such an outsider when you walk through the doors.

Food Photography and Food Styling: I have just spent the last two years putting together a portfolio of pictures.  Though I am no Ansel Adams, I have come a long way.  If you need customized food photos taken for your company, I can probably beat the price of any stock photo.  I collaborated with Bauscher Plates USA on the launch of their Deep Plate Blog and many of my pictures using their plates are featured on their blog.

Sea bass wrapped in Brik dough with a soupe de poisson emulsion

Sea bass wrapped in brik dough with a soupe de poisson emulsion on a Bauscher silhouette plate

Recipe Writing and Development: I have written recipes for Niman Ranch and for my TV segments.  I have also written tons of recipes for my professional students during my tenure as an instructor.  I can come up with original recipes for your product, test them, photograph them and provide you the whole package.

Until I either find a new place of employment or open my own shop these are some of the services I can provide.  Call me at 303-926-8963 or write me at if you are interested in discussing any of these services.


2 Responses

  1. Hey Chef Andy, its Ross. I was looking through your blogs, which are great, and noticed that picture of Cooking at Suze la Rousse. It looks like Jared in the picture, but the other students aren’t from our class. Did he get to go back and help out? Lucky dog! Hope all is well, teaching is going great out East, I think I’ve found my calling!

  2. Ross, I arranged a stage for Jared at l’Oustau de Baumaniere and he came to cook with us for a day. He is chef de cuisine at Quince in San Francisco now. We made some good food in that castle didn’t we Ross? Interested in doing a CSR reunion trip to France. I’m sure you are great teacher.

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