I went down to the crossroads

On Tuesday December 28 my employment at Cook Street was Terminated.

I have always left all my previous jobs voluntarily.  For me this is a new experience.  Of course after I received the news,  I started to scroll through all the foreboding and writing on the wall I had ignored but which my subconscious had registered.

The timing from the perspective of my employer was as perfect as could be planned, given the format of the School’s curriculum.  The last class had just graduated and the new class, who had just finished their wine course two weeks prior, would not be starting until January 4.  If I was faced with the same regretful task I would have chosen the same time to deliver the blow.

I could wallow in the mud of rancor and bathe in a bath of revenge by composing a post that details all the events leading to this moment. That would serve no purpose and would not change my current status.  I recently read a quote that said, “Be careful not to focus all your attention on the door that just closed as you might lose sight of all the doors that just opened.”

I am hardly the first person to find myself in this position in 2009/10.  I am at a crossroads and am excited about what direction I will go in next.  This will be my complete focus.  There are so many avenues for me to explore in this industry and so many of my own talents I can exploit.  If any of you has a potential lead, please do no hesitate to pass it along.

I have been mulling starting my own business for some time and this might be the impetus I needed to move forward on achieving my own vision.  If I choose this direction it will certainly involve culinary education and working with the French.  I have too much experience and passion in both these areas to ignore them as an option.

To all the staff  I associated with at Cook Street:  It was a pleasure working alongside you.  There are plenty of talented people there and these talented people are in culinary education for all the right reasons.

Stay tuned to see how my life adventure unfolds.  I’ve already got some exciting plans brewing.


4 Responses

  1. Chef Floyd, I am shocked and sad with the news… I was so much looking forward to being your student! Good luck in your new life. Miriam

  2. Chef Andy

    Out of all my many school adventures (past and present). You were honestly the best teacher I ever had. It is their biggest loss and hopefully your biggest gain.
    Best of luck in all of your future endeavors.

    Alexis Allard

  3. Chef Andy,

    I am sad that the future classes at cook street will not have to pleasure to work with such a well educated teacher like yourself. I feel you are a huge part of the reason I am proud to say that I went to cook street. Your knowledge is invaluable. Thank you for all you did for the students that had the honor of being taught under your direction.

    Ashley (Sept -Dec 2009)

    • Thanks Ashley. It was great teaching you. You were always very respectful and hard working. This will take you far. Good to see you on Deep Plate.

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