Waverly Root


I just finished reading Waverly Root’s “The Food of France”  and it was a delightful read on a country whose food I love and respect.  I also realized upon reading this book that it is the basis for all the regional French lectures we present at Cook Street.  So if any of you are planning to attend Cook Street’s 180° program, this book along with the “Food of Italy,”  which I have just started reading, should give you a leg up on those lectures.  I was also impressed with how much of the content I already knew.  I’m sure I won’t feel the same about the book on Italy.


A primer on Hydrocolloids

I was checking out Dave Arnold and Nils Noren fascinating blog Cooking Issues and landed on this primer they wrote on Hydrocolloids.  This a detailed explanation on how all these different gums and thickeners work.   Dave has great way of explaining this fairly complicated topic and I thank him for making it available to all that are curious.


Dave Arnold and Nils Noren when they were here for the IACP conference in April

180° Dining: Fruili Menu

The new group of students just completed their first 180° fine dining event this past Friday.  The menu featured the food of Fruili which is in the northeastern portion of Italy bordering Austria and Slovenia.  This is hearty mountain fare with hints of the spices used in Venetian cooking.

The students performed well for their first dinner and I am sure they will excel on the next dinner which will be a French Christmas celebration on December 10.


The kitchen team


Antipasti: Sliced St. Danielle and Speck ham with frico and roasted garlic horseradish mayonnaise


Primo: Chialzons filled with smoked potato and riccotta with a brown butter sauce and a dusting of cocoa


Secundi: Roasted venison with red currant marmalade butternut squash puree and creamy polenta


Dolce: Pear strudel


Dolcetti: Macaroons, biscotti, truffles and lollipops

Cook Street 180 June 09 Class

I finally got the time to put together the slide show of the food prepared by the June class.  It was a very enjoyable group and I will keep fond memories of them. Enjoy.