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This is a long article, but very well written by Michael Pollan who wrote “Omnivore’s Dilemma”   He goes about explaining our current fascination with the food TV network and our reptilian connection to the world of cooking.  The message is clear:  Cook your own food, it’s better for you.

I am happy I get to teach people how to cook, but I can honestly say I rarely practice the depth of cooking I preach when I get home and inspect the contents of my fridge.  What can I cook quickly and get on the table is mostly what I am motivated by.  Our family I’m happy to admit is not a take out or home replacement meal consumer, nor do we visit restaurants out of necessity.  We cook, albeit simple and easy to make food, but we cook and we try hard to avoid prepared foods.

I often loose the taste battle to packaged foods when my son is the judge.  Do you like dad’s homemade Mac and Cheese (made with a cheddar Mornay) better than Kraft’s?  My son replies “it’s almost as good”.  I guess if I had a whole consumer research team and applied my vast culinary knowledge to the challenge I might actually win.  One of the things I have noticed over the years is when we decrease the quality of the base products his satisfaction increases (i.e. if we substitute Barilla macaroni for Albertson’s).

Every parent faces the challenge to satisfy their children’s taste and to provide wholesome food they can feel good about, but we often concede to the path of least resistance.  Kraft wins.

I urge you all not to give up the fight.  Learn to cook. Avoid buying prepared foods. Take back control of the stove.  De-program your children.


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  1. I completely understand what you are saying. The first time my kids had Kraft was when they ordered mac and cheese at a restaurant that served it. (How mad was I to pay the price of a kids meal for a 1/2 box of Kraft?!) They ALWAYS talk about the yummy mac and cheese at that restaurant. I don’t understand how that cardboard tasting junk can prevail over creamy homemade but it always does. It is way too easy to just give in and I know way too many people that do. It drives me crazy when I see kids drinking soda. Anyway, that’s another conversation. Thanks for the link to the article. It was great. Cami

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