Vinaigrette demo for the 5th graders at Fireside elementary

On Monday the 18th,  I went to my son’s elementary school to do a vinaigrette demo for the 5th graders as part of the “Garden to Table” project.  The vinaigrettes were designed to go with the salad greens that were planted in the garden we dug up and prepared at the school.  The goal: do a demo and quick tasting with a small group of fifth graders and then use the dressings for the greens that were grown by the students the following day and feed the 450 students and staff of the school.

It was an interesting exercise and I was impressed by the amount of food knowledge the students already had and how open they were to eating vegetables.  The most hated vegetable in my quick poll was broccoli.  No surprise as the sulfur elements in broccoli are compounds that take a while for our taste buds to accept.

I co-presented the demonstration with Ashley a sous-chef for the Kitchen.  It turns out he also cooked for several years at Frasca and knew two of my former students.  I finally got to meet Bryce Brown who started the Growe Foundation and is originally from New Zealand.

warming up the group

warming up the group

The students did some of the prep for the two vinaigrettes or MOJOs as Bryce dubbed them.  We made a grapefruit and a strawberry MOJO and then the students were able to taste.

Ashley and Bryce helping the students out

Ashley and Bryce helping the students out

Ashley doing his demo

Ashley doing his demo

I feel strongly about what the Growe Foundation and Ann Cooper are doing to change the direction of the food culture in our public schools.  I look forward to helping out with these organizations in the future.   Early education is the key to changing our industrial food model in the years to come.

Or it could just be an elitist Bolshevik movement to upend our national security and destroy the fabric of our great country as this clip from the Jon Stewart show suggests.


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