Just a quick note

I have too much to write about in order to give my readers an inside view of the IACP Conference n Denver.  Once it is over and the dust settles I will attempt to do a comprehensive review of the events I witnessed and the people I met and worked with.

Generally it has been a lot of fun working under pressure to solve problems as they arise (and they do arise).  The visiting chefs have been mostly gracious and thankful for the reception.  There are so many unknowns when you walk into a conference and a new town.  You can easily tell the veterans (they bring all their own stuff and leave little to chance).  Others expect to be waited on hand and foot to fulfill their highly complicated dishes.  There is a pecking order in the conference presenters.  If I ever get to that level I will have a good view of how to prepare.  I am getting a good understanding of how to prepare for my trip to Uruguay.

Tonight we are doing the Wild and Rare event at Cook Street and I am really looking forward to it.  Chefs Andrew Dyer (from Australia),  John Ash and myself will cook an all game menu for around 5o people and we will pair the menu with Sauvignon Republic and Silver Oak.

My students from Cook Street and the JWU students have been great, but I am most impressed by my Crisis Manager Patricia Belaire who has relentlessly given her time and energy in helping me on this project.


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