Mad food shopping spree in preparation for the IACP conference

OK, I just spent the last two days combing the Internet and various ethnic and regular grocery stores for all the stuff on my global food order list.  I am glad to announce that the worst is behind me.  Today I was looking for fresh nopales in a Mexican market and then I went to the Asian market in Broomfield.   It was a zoo in there.   I have yet to find a product that Andoni wants called Katsobushi which is a combination between kombu and dashi.  I finally had to give up.

Yesterday I was on the air on Gabby Gourmet in a phone in spot to promote the conference.  That was a new experience.  They were impressed with my radio voice, which is strange because I’ve had several disk jockeys tell me that I have a perfect radio voice.  Who knows maybe I’ll become a regular on her show.

This whole project has been intensely educational and in between grumbles about impossible to locate product requested by star chefs who probably won’t use the product anyway, I am learning tons.

I rush into school tomorrow to meet up with Carrie Balkcom and one of my recent graduates and we will start to divide the different chefs stuff.

Andoni Aduriz should be dropping by to pick up his stuff (what I have managed to get so far) and take it to JWU to begin prep.

The tsunami of IACP energy will descend upon us in earnest tomorrow.   Should be an interesting week.


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  1. […] I have had other frustrating trips to this market desperately trying to find ingredients for the IACP conference that I foolishly volunteered for 2 years ago.  Two of the ingredients that I had such […]

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