Crazy day

Little sleep the night before.  Busy thinking about everything I need to do for the next two weeks.

Today Douglas Baldwin came to the school and set up a mini sous vide lab on Hot Line.  We tasted a slew of different proteins many cooked between 12-24 hours.   It was enlightening and a good precursor to the class on Tuesday March 31.

Then Johnny Wild form King Canyon Buffalo came by and we talked about the upcoming Wild and Rare dining event at the school.  The owner Chris Nerud and I go back  and he will join us at the event and will contribute buffalo to the meal.

Then Carrie Balkcom from the American Grassfed Association came to help me with the organization of the IACP master classes.  She took me to the Denver Sheraton home of the former Adams mark hotel to meet with the Convention planner.  Carrie has way more experience than me at conference planning and knows many of the Chefs who will attend the conference.  I am relieved and know that with her help we will make this a great conference.

Rushed home to pick up my daughters and get a coconut shrimp stir fry on the table before my parents came over to babysit our kids while we went to a Boulder Valley School District presentation by Ann Cooper the Renegade Lunch Lady.

Ann Cooper has been hired by the BVSD to change the way food is prepared for our children.  Out with chocolate milk, processed food and plethora of refined sugar foods pushed on us by the USDA for the benefit of whatever food lobby that gets rich off  of the subsidy. In with food cooked daily from local farms (whenever possible), salad bars, water fountains and other whole food choices.

I am so happy that BVSD is blessed with Ann’s presence and guidance in changing the way our children eat.

Long but exciting day.  Now to bed.