Sous Vide: revision to a previous post.

There have been a few changes to our original schedule for the  Sous Vide class being offered at Cook Street.

Instead of a two day Sous Vide primer, we are actually only going to do a one day primer.  Instead of having that take place Wednesday April 1 and Thursday April 2, we will have our one day Sous Vide primer take place on Tuesday March 31.  For those that have impatiently been waiting for this to show up on our website, we should have it up this week.   BTW, there is a discount for 180 professional program students or alumni.  Call to find out.

Molecular Gastronomy class scheduled for the evening of April 1 is still on.  The class will feature demos on Liquid Nitrogen, Spherification, Meat Glue, Compression and Pectin as fruit and vegetable glue.

Please join us to make this launch a success.