US spuds to take over Montevideo Uruguay

I responded to a search for a chef to represent the US Potato board in Montevideo Uruguay on May 6th.  I’m to come up with a PowerPoint presentation and to do a demo in front of a group of potato growers.

I’ve been to Brazil a couple of times and Argentina, but never Uruguay.  I’m always excited to visit a new country and I have always heard good things about Montevideo.  If it is anything like Argentina or Brazil I will be very happy.

Of course it sounds like I will only be there for a short time and it seems like a very long trip for the sum total of a 30 minute presentation, but what a great opportunity and who knows what kind of other opportunities this might open up.

I’m not sure if I will have to make the presentation in Spanish or English with a translator.  Either way I will be out of my comfort zone and that is exciting.

So quick, begin researching spuds.  Anyone got any good resources that I should focus on?

It turns out that the potato board is based in Denver.  I believe that the lamb board is here as well.  Maybe I can get them to send me to New Zealand on a combined board trip.

Viva los papas, lo mejor vegetal de la tierra y el amigo de los cocineros


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