Hosea’s Top Chef win

I watched the finale of Top Chef last night and was quite happy to see Hosea Rosenberg win the title.  Hosea has been a competitor locally for quite some time as an Iron Chef and has always won.  He has always remained humble and true to his personality regardless of his success.

He was one of the most consistent and contributing chefs to CSR’s Chef track program.  He loves to share his passion and is generally a giving person.  It is always a human celebration to see a person with those attributes make headlines and influence future chefs.  Much more satisfying than watching Gordon Ramsay suck another aspiring chef’s dreams out of their soul (even if they often deserve it).

He has brought even more attention to Colorado and specifically Boulder as a result of this win.

I congratulate him and I am sure that he will get the recognition he deserves from this fine victory.

Way to go Hosea!!!!!!!!!!!    We thank you for your effort and we thank you for giving even more credibility to our Colorado culinary scene.


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