Rational Combis and Irinox Blast chillers

Very exciting day.  I got to meet with the executive chef and the regional director of Rational .  We had a great discussion about how  we might be able to create a demo environment for Rational Combi ovens here at the school.

I already love Combi ovens.  There is no doubt that this is the future of cooking.  Every chef craves consistency and this machine delivers.  OK, so my friends and fellow chefs who say this machine takes the finesse out of cooking, have only themselves to blame for every wasted portion of food they have had to throw away as a result of their finesse.

At the school we have a fairly old unit (in combi history).  The new units are of course better and more automated.  However they still perform the task needed in everyday kitchens to perfection.

So, we had a very good conversation with Thomas and Connor from Rational and are very likely to work with the company to create a demo environment for Rational Combi ovens.

In our conversation with Rational, the connection with Irinox came up.  Apparently the representative for Irinox from Utah (he knew my colleague David Olson from CSR days) was in town and could come by and discuss the possibility of installing an Irinox blast chiller unit at the school.

He dropped by and is also very interested in the space as a venue to demo his equipment to the Denver area.

Now this is the ultimate combination.  Cook items to perfection and chill them or freeze them in the least amount time.  All this at the disposal of our students at the school and to the professional chefs of the rocky mountain region.

If this relationship comes to fruition then our school could be the center for one of the most advanced teaching kitchens in the nation.

And if this happens……………………….who knows.


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