TV debut recount

So TV goes extremely fast.  I spent a good amount of time that day trying to predict what might happen once I got to the set and to insure I had all bases covered.  One of my new students, Cami, volunteered to assist me and I am quite happy she did.

When I went into this gig, I thought to myself, prepare yourself for anything.  Which is exactly what I did.  I didn’t think to prepare myself not to cook or plate.  Which is what happened.

When I went to Indiana University, I took an intro to TV production class.  All the cameras were manned by humans and the control center was in view of the set.

This is not the case anymore.  There are two technicians who control everything in the set.   One that handles the board and one that makes sure mics are connected to the guests and directs the newscasters. Everything else is controlled from the board in another room all-together.  The whole environment is very surreal.  You see all the Newscasters you recognize and you notice they have a lot of down time in between commercials and taped segments.

No one talked to us about how the segment was going to go, what exactly was going to be asked, how long it was going to last, what their expectations were or anything else.  I was trying to negotiate the wolf electric cook top to make sure it was working properly.  At first I thought it might be an induction but then noticed it was just a ceramic unit.  It was not too efficient.

I had brought a finished stew in case they wanted to taste the end result and had that reheating on the stove top in one of the pans we found on their barbie set.  I started sweating some onions and had a pan getting ready to sear some skinless chicken pieces.

The next thing I know the tech guy came and outfitted me with a mic.  Colleen the nutritionist that was doing the spot with me got hooked up as well.  The mic connects to you like an umbilical cord to the wall and I can imagine the potential mishaps that could occur.

Then we were live.  First Colleen was asked a few questions about proper steps to heart healthy nutrition and then they asked me a few questions  about cooking more heart healthy.  I believe I talked a little about herbs, spices and searing meat for flavor.  I put a few chicken pieces in the pan to start to fry, talked about my onions sweating in the pan and that was it.

The reporter told us we were done.

So if I am ever on TV again, I think I will try to get more information before the spot begins and plan accordingly.  If any 0f you saw the spot, I would love your feedback.  I have yet to see it.


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