Check me out on TV tomorrow

So, I should be on Television tomorrow, barring any other top breaking stories.  In a weird course of events, I volunteered to do a cooking demo for the Anschutz Medical Center for women at risk of heart disease on the 20th and 21st of this month.  Last week while I was on vacation at the mountains, I got an email from the marketing Director of the Anschutz Medical Center saying Channel 9 News wanted to do a cooking segment along with a nutritionist this Thursday.

I have been busy since starting a new group of students at school (BTW they are awesome) and trying to get back into the routine after the brief holiday.

Keep an eye out for me on Channel 9 News on the 4,5,6 pm evening edition tomorrow night.

On another note, tomorrow is the one year anniversary of this Blog.  It’s hard to believe I have kept up with this for one year.  I have made 97 post and have received 7000 hits in that time period (not sure of the numbers that have subscribed).  I have taught another 50 future chefs and hopefully in my very limited way changed the way they think about food.  I have learned a lot about taking pictures and still have much to learn.

I am going to continue to post on this blog, but maybe it is time to break out of the traditional PC mold I have maintained.  Maybe it is time for a change of tone.

Nonetheless…………….HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU.


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