Faith Restored

Today when I came home my wife was beaming.  “What happened”.  She said someone found your backpack.  I contacted the O.R. nurse who found the bag and he arranged to have someone keep it until I pick it up tomorrow.  Apparently I did leave it in the lecture room of the Anschutz outpatient medical center.

When something like this happens I feel completely rejuvenated in my faith of humanity.  We mostly want to do right by our fellow humans don’t we? But we get disappointed again and again and quickly become cynical.  Hopefully this optimistic feeling lasts.

I think I will invite this man to our next 180º Dining event at the school.  He deserves the place of honor.

Faith Restored


The up and downs of inauguration week

The week started with MLK day which we actually had off from school.  I had to take care of my son, who of course had the day off.  I received a call from my wife telling me that Soleil my youngest daughter was sick and needed to be picked up.  I can’t tell you how many times so far we have had to make arrangements for alternate care for our daughter.  It almost does not make daycare worth it.  They cannot give any medicine to the children and at the onset of any fever they call to have her picked up.  I picked her up and took her home and gave her some ibuprofen and 15 minutes later she was fine.  Day care is also germ farm and it is amazing she is not sick more often.

That night I attended the ACF President’s dinner and Chef Dale and I received an award for “Outstanding Contribution to Culinary Excellence”.  I was completely surprised.  I got home late and was awoken in the night by my other daughter.  The following day (inauguration day) I knew would be a long one as I had volunteered to do a cooking demo at the Anschutz Medical Center in Aurora (this is a follow up to the TV news spot referred to a few weeks back).  The demo went beautifully and I had even prepared enough food to provide a sample of the dish to all women that attended the workshop of cardio vascular disease prevention.  I packed up all my stuff and Morgan, one of my current students who was nice enough to help me out, watched over the equipment while I went to pick up my car.  We packed the car and I took off.

When I got home I immediately noticed that my backpack was missing.  I thought that I must have left it in the lecture room and tried to contact Kate the marketing person to see if she could send someone to insure it was safe.

The following day I desperately tried to locate the backpack.  Morgan and I retraced my footsteps and came to the conclusion that I must have left it on the bench outside next to the equipment cart.  This decreased my chance of recovery considerably.  I was at the mercy of whoever found it.  There was contact information in the backpack and an honest person would have returned it.

Lost are my camera which is responsible for all the great pictures on this blog, my chef knives, jacket and a bunch of other personal stuff.  All material stuff but devastating nonetheless.  So if you notice that the quality of my pictures has decreased you know why.  I will have to revert to using my old camera which has about a fourth the amount of megapixels as my Canon.

A set back but not an end to blogging

Someone toss me a hanky

More fun with plates. This time the compliments line from Bauscher.  In the last shipment Jeff sent me this beautiful bowl and today I thought it would be awesome for this pasta presentation.   Fazzoletti (means handkerchief) with shrimp scampi.  We laminate the pasta with parsley and saffron and tuck in some sautéed shrimp scampi with a nice shrimp saffron consommé.   Very tasty.

Here is what it looked like:

Fazzoletti con scampi

Fazzoletti con scampi


My Deep Plate entry for this month

Here are my two choices so far for this month’s Deep Plate entry.  The dish is Potato wrapped Kona kampachi with saffron olive broth and seared sea scallop with smoked red pepper coulis.

Which one do you like best?  Vote at bottom of post.

Presentation 1

Picture #1

Picture #2

Picture #2

TV debut recount

So TV goes extremely fast.  I spent a good amount of time that day trying to predict what might happen once I got to the set and to insure I had all bases covered.  One of my new students, Cami, volunteered to assist me and I am quite happy she did.

When I went into this gig, I thought to myself, prepare yourself for anything.  Which is exactly what I did.  I didn’t think to prepare myself not to cook or plate.  Which is what happened.

When I went to Indiana University, I took an intro to TV production class.  All the cameras were manned by humans and the control center was in view of the set.

This is not the case anymore.  There are two technicians who control everything in the set.   One that handles the board and one that makes sure mics are connected to the guests and directs the newscasters. Everything else is controlled from the board in another room all-together.  The whole environment is very surreal.  You see all the Newscasters you recognize and you notice they have a lot of down time in between commercials and taped segments.

No one talked to us about how the segment was going to go, what exactly was going to be asked, how long it was going to last, what their expectations were or anything else.  I was trying to negotiate the wolf electric cook top to make sure it was working properly.  At first I thought it might be an induction but then noticed it was just a ceramic unit.  It was not too efficient.

I had brought a finished stew in case they wanted to taste the end result and had that reheating on the stove top in one of the pans we found on their barbie set.  I started sweating some onions and had a pan getting ready to sear some skinless chicken pieces.

The next thing I know the tech guy came and outfitted me with a mic.  Colleen the nutritionist that was doing the spot with me got hooked up as well.  The mic connects to you like an umbilical cord to the wall and I can imagine the potential mishaps that could occur.

Then we were live.  First Colleen was asked a few questions about proper steps to heart healthy nutrition and then they asked me a few questions  about cooking more heart healthy.  I believe I talked a little about herbs, spices and searing meat for flavor.  I put a few chicken pieces in the pan to start to fry, talked about my onions sweating in the pan and that was it.

The reporter told us we were done.

So if I am ever on TV again, I think I will try to get more information before the spot begins and plan accordingly.  If any 0f you saw the spot, I would love your feedback.  I have yet to see it.

Check me out on TV tomorrow

So, I should be on Television tomorrow, barring any other top breaking stories.  In a weird course of events, I volunteered to do a cooking demo for the Anschutz Medical Center for women at risk of heart disease on the 20th and 21st of this month.  Last week while I was on vacation at the mountains, I got an email from the marketing Director of the Anschutz Medical Center saying Channel 9 News wanted to do a cooking segment along with a nutritionist this Thursday.

I have been busy since starting a new group of students at school (BTW they are awesome) and trying to get back into the routine after the brief holiday.

Keep an eye out for me on Channel 9 News on the 4,5,6 pm evening edition tomorrow night.

On another note, tomorrow is the one year anniversary of this Blog.  It’s hard to believe I have kept up with this for one year.  I have made 97 post and have received 7000 hits in that time period (not sure of the numbers that have subscribed).  I have taught another 50 future chefs and hopefully in my very limited way changed the way they think about food.  I have learned a lot about taking pictures and still have much to learn.

I am going to continue to post on this blog, but maybe it is time to break out of the traditional PC mold I have maintained.  Maybe it is time for a change of tone.

Nonetheless…………….HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU.

The launch of the “Deep Plate” blog

DEEP PLATE aspires to be an open source of inspiration for professional chefs.

Chefs now have an outlet to continuously present their culinary philosophy in new, creative ways.  Chefs are no longer limited to the resources in their current operation.

This blog will have a dual purpose:

  • to be a tool to practice creative plate presentation through monthly plate composition exercises
  • to be a reference for the chef community on plate presentation (e.g. use Search function for particular food presentations)
  • to offer exposure to the most innovative chefs in terms of presentation

Please visit: and read the “About” and “Participate” pages.

We invite your participation.   Please share with other chefs you may feel would be interested.