Merry Christmas to all my readers

I wish you all a very merry Christmas and hope that everyone is finding themselves with family and friends on this special day. I was awoken this morning at 7am by my children who were in a fervor of anticipation over what Santa had placed under the tree.

My parents came over at around 7:30 and the semi controlled frenzy of gift dispatching lasted around a half hour.

It was adorable to see my son Paris and my daughter Sophia’s excitement at the opening of each present. The scene immediately took me back to my own childhood memories of Christmas.

I also scored heavy in the cookbook department and now have quite a bit of reading to catch up on my daily bus trips.

I got the new sous vide cookbook by Thomas Keller “Under Pressure” which will certainly make the technique mainstream for even more chefs.

I got the auto-biography of Marco Pierre White “the Devil in the Kitchen”, which I have wanted to read since I saw him on that panel with Anthony Bourdain and Michael Rhulman at the ICC in NYC. Interestingly enough he talks with admiration of the tasting meal he had at Alinea in Chicago in the foreword of the book.

I got the Heston Blumenthal book “In search of Perfection” which I can tell will wet my appetite until I can get my hands on the “Big Fat Duck” cook book. Heston was the most impressive presenter at the ICC.  I am in awe at his boundless curiosity and his desire to learn about every sensory aspect that goes into the eating of a meal.

Finally I got a book by Kathleen Flinn called “The Sharper Your Knife The Less You Cry” about her experiences enrolling in the professional cooking school “le Cordon Bleu” in Paris.

I imagine I will read some of these books while we are up in the mountains for our annual family ski trip at Copper Mountain. They have been getting dumped on all month. So maybe I will get in a few days of much missed and revered POW POW.


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