Silhouette plates super frico style

So I am really starting to enjoy plating all our standard dishes on these Bauscher plates.  It allows me to stay creative and look at our instructional dishes from another perspective.

Wednesday we made seafood risotto and I made a few side plates with the ingredients on hand.  The café staff has started to decorate for Christmas so you will notice a few extra props in the background.

Risotto al frutti di mare

Risotto al frutti di mare

I have been wanting to plate something on this dish for awhile and I have been waiting for a nice bright colored soup (actually the acqua cotta soup we make on the same day would have been marvelous).  I should have pulled back and focused on the whole plate though.  I also worked on a presentation on another silhouette dish.


I wish I had pulled back on this shot as well.  I have to learn that I can always crop the shots once I get home.

Here is a shot of the acqua cotta soup that Chef Dale put together.  This would be great dish for the bowl presented in the first picture.

Acqua Cotta

Acqua Cotta

On Monday we start a new group of students and I am excited as I will see if my theory about placing the wine portion of the program first will give us more enlightened students when they arrive in the kitchen.  We will also be giving them a few product and tasting lectures to tune in their senses and highten their anticipation of their time in the kitchen.

Embrace the change.  Hope all of you had a great and fulfilling Thanksgiving.


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