The king is gone but not forgotten

Chef Michael’s last day came way too quickly. His desk calendar had a big orange x going through it and said last day. Ten years devoted to Cook Street, twelve years devoted to teaching professional students and over 30 years cooking experience. All this summarized on one day marked with an orange x.

Chef Michael has been an inspiration to everyone he has come across in his career. Some of my most favorite days spent teaching at Cook Street were when we cooked in tandem. He on Garde Manger and me on Hot Line. There was a dialogue between two cooks and the days felt collaborative.

It is hard to walk in to a job and fill someone else shoes. I know that this will be particularly hard here at Cook Street, since Chef Michael made such an impact. I know that this has been the case for my replacements at my previous job. They have gone through two instructors since I have left. Hopefully that won’t be my fate. I’m sure I will be able to make my own mark at Cook Street.

Chef Michael you will never be forgotten and just to make sure our tech guy installed a camera on my laptop and has us connected. So now I will be able to have live conversations and hear his laugh from across the ocean.

I had a picture taken of us on his last day to commemorate him on this blog. We will have a going away party for him this coming Monday evening. Luau theme.


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