“The revolution will not be pasteurized: Inside the raw-milk underground” by Nathanael Johnson Harpers Magazine

This article is great and very succinctly argues the belief that I have had for some time that we have sanitized our world to such an extreme that we have created our own health nightmare of allergies and various other modern day maladies. I found this article on another food blog called “Chez Pim.”

I hate that we don’t have access to raw milk cheeses in this country.  Put a warning label on it, but don’t tell me I can’t eat it. There are certain food ingredients that I am willing to take risks with.

On the several occasions when I have visited the cellars of the famous cheese curer Alleosse in Paris, he has mentioned how none of his employees who work in the cheese curing cellars ever get sick. Philippe feels it is because they are breathing beneficial bacteria each day.

I find it amazing that we go out of our way to protect industrial agriculture by sanitizing their sloppily made products so that we can consume them.  Wouldn’t it be great if our food was so wholesome that the consumer or chef wouldn’t be forced to take measures to protect themselves?  Wouldn’t it be great if the industrial food complex was forced to provide us the most wholesome food?


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