Good food pics from April 08 class

I was looking through the pictures of dishes I have taken from this class and decided that I should include a few for the blog. The students will get a compilation of these and all the others when they graduate. This should satiate some of you who were so used to the daily postings that I made from the last class.

Madonna had us design a bread bra for her upcoming “hard candy” tour this summer and this is what we came up with. We call this the yeasty bustier or the Princess Leah.

Here is a view of some of the crew working on pastry stuff. To the left you have “ish”, then “Pat”, followed by “quenelle” and on the right you have “thumbs”.

This is a beautiful shot of Chef Lexie’s espresso granite on top of super duper orange ice cream. This is good stuff. You know you gotta finish this with Grappa and another shot of espresso.

One day “LBMI” decided to put together a nice Amuse Bouche “Insalata Caprese” and this is what that looked like. Tasty!

On the same day GM made a consommé with julienne vegetables. Here are the vegetables before and …………………..

After. Love the clarity and the flavor was sublime.

This is my favorite shot of the past few months. Seafood risotto al onda. We reheated the mussels in beurre fondue (notice the bling). Yo and what is up with that fine Frico (that is off the hook!!). What a tasty dish. My crew was just starting to jibe.

Now, I had issues with Chef Lexie not using apricot glaze on this dessert, but since it was consumed so quickly, it was irrelevant. Still I think it is important for pastry students to apply glaze correctly, so that they can get used to what pasty shops do all the time to increase shelf life and add bling. Just go to Gerard Mulot in Paris to see what I am talking about.


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