Honey tequila salmon four days later

As promised here are the shots of the Honey tequila cured salmon that I will be slicing Thursday night for the honey presentation. It gave up a lot of liquid and smelled amazing. Fruity and floral. I can hardly wait to slice into it tomorrow to taste the magic. I totally created this recipe with honey in mind and if it rocks, it will become a staple.

Today, I also took the duck breast out of their 24 hour cure of honey, soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, chili sauce for chicken (this is good on almost anything) and fresh ginger. Exact recipe to come. I baked them in the combi @ 375º and 10% humidity for 9 minutes. I then (after much fiddling with the awesome smoker they have at the school) smoked them for 45 minutes. The result a beautiful mahogany colored duck breast that had tons of flavor and juiciness. I slathered them with a last coat of knapweed honey from Montana/soy mix (OK, and a little more chili sauce for chicken) and let them set in the walk-in until the gig on Thursday.

So the pictures of cured salmon:

I dumped off about two cups of liquid from the hotel pan. After, I had LBMI clean them, they looked liked this:

The aroma was amazing and too bad that I can’t send a scratch and sniff version over the blog, but I can hardly wait to dig into it tomorrow. More to come……………………………


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