Piedmont wine dinner

Yesterday, I was hired to cook a meal for a bunch of cork dorks at my brother in law’s house. By cork dorks , I mean people that have been in the retail end wine and liquor sales for many years. Enough time to acquire vast portfolios in their personal wine cellars.

A few week back, my Bro-in-law gave me the theme and I started to build the menu. Over a group email these guys start to write about the wines they were planning to bring and I quickly realized this was not going to be your typical wine gathering.

My menu was:

Spinach and ricotta filled agnolottis with a pistachio brown butter sauce

Cream of Asparagus soup

Osso Bucco with risotto

Panna Cotta with a raspberry ginger compote

The wines were mainly focused on Northern Italy. Superlative wines and some very old Barolos including a 1967.

Here is the line-up.

After all this and the party was starting to dwindle down. Gary from Total Beverage in Westminster pulled a Reciotto from the Veneto which is not included in this picture.

It was a great gathering and it proved the old axiom: if it grows together, it goes together. Hopefully I will get to do more of these in the future.


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