Week 1: Monday, A new beginning

So here we go again, new group new faces to teach, more band aids to apply and new minds to inspire.  I already feel good about this group they seem excited and receptive, of course it is the first day and true personalities don’t always come out until later in the program.

The first day at Cook Street is about getting the students oriented and comfortable with their new environment. After each instructor gave their intro and their share of orientation spiel, chef Dale took them through basic knife skills and terminology. Mirepoix, Julienne, brunoise, concassée, Etuvé, emincé and persillade.

Meanwhile I am working on putting together the main meal for the day in partnership chef Lexie.

The garde manger students set the table and my students on hot line helped me plate the food.

We had Turin, which I found out from Larousse gastronomique is an onion soup that originated in the SW of France and could also be known as the Turin des Mariés as it was often brought to the wedding reception and enjoyed as the last dish before parting early in the morning. French wedding receptions can easily last until six am and this soup should sober everyone up before they hit the road unless of course you pour a glass of red wine in it as it suggested was sometime the custom. We garnished this version with a quenelle of goat cheese parsley compound butter

For the main course we had Quiche Lorraine. A classic that many men still eat. Lorraine is the region between Champagne and Alsace and is known for its pork products. This quiche was perfectly baked and filled. So many overcook their quiches and fill them beyond capacity with everything that they can fit into them.

A true quiche should make the custard the star, the ingredients the supporting cast and the crust the stage. Chef Lexie did a great job on this tireless classic. Both of these courses were paired with a nice and fruity proseco.

She also made a gianduja mousse which was quite delightful, of course I forgot to take a picture.


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