Crawfish boil, Louisvilliana style

About a week or so ago, Kelly, a student of mine from my last class at CSR wrote me on facebook inviting me to come to her crawfish boil on Monday the 31st.  She works the line at the new restaurant in Louisville called “Empire.”

So Monday is her day off.  Now I’m not really the kind of guy to go out on a Monday anymore, but I couldn’t pass this up. She had  a 150lb. of crayfish flown in from her home town in Louisiana.  She was a little concerned because she had to get them in on Saturday and wasn’t going to cook them until Monday.  So she kept them on ice the whole weekend and crossed her fingers.

My wife was fighting off some kind of gastro bug that has been going around so I took my son who is fascinated with bug like creatures to the shinding.

Kelly resuscitated the iced down crawdads by pouring cold water on then and rinsing them off.  Sure enough the treatment brought them back to life and provided hours of playtime for my son.

Here they are after a little bain frigide.


Here is my son preparing two gladiator crawdads for a combat to the death.


Kelly was busy womanning the crawdad kettle (now how low tech is this, trash can with a perforated insert over a gas burner).


There were a few other students there from the same class as Kelly and it was great to catch up with them.


Nate Dogg, myself, Kelly and Carter (pronounced Kahterr, like welcome back Cotter) actually the poor bloke is from OZ and a hell of a good guy.

It was cold as hell this evening and when the mudbugs were ready they were poured over a table set up in the garage which was covered in paper.  The crowd gathered around like bunch of hungry piranhas and set out to devour the bounty.

It was tasty, fragrant and spicy.  Fun evening, Thanks Kelly


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