Week 12: Thursday, last day of Culinary Instruction

12 weeks of instruction have passed in a whirlwind and in the course of that time, I have gotten to know 13 more individuals working towards, for their own reasons, a career in this field. A tough field with plenty of challenges but with lots of satisfying and humorous moments.
The day was like a huge release of air from a taught balloon. No lecture to speak of and then we started to work on the day’s menu. At around ten we were all caught by the magnitude of the silence in the room.

My group was not as motivated as they have been. We still managed to put out some nice food and add a few extra flourishes to the day, but there was not the immediacy that we have had on previous days.

GarMo made arancinette (saffron risotto spheres filed with cheese and deep fried) with caponata. We had cauliflower with saffron vinaigrette and a julienne of green olives. Orecchiette with mushrooms and peas and fire roasted prawns with an orange sauce.

Ricardo spent all week working on a timpano, which is like a huge inverted pasta wrapped and filled sarcophagus. It was very tasty and could have given the brothers in “Big Night” a run for their liras.


Arancinette with caponata


Saffron marinated cauliflower and Orecchiette with peas and mushrooms.


Orange glazed fire roasted shrimp with deep fried tomato skins.


The Timpano (or Timballo) only the Don could pull this off.

In Pastry they played with Marzipan and made some great figurines to garnish a cake.

img_0483.jpg img_0492.jpg

They also made this really cool tectonic plate cake that had layers going in different directions like sliding geologic plates.


Menu review seemed to be anti climatic as well. It’s hard to think about leaving a group that you have grown accustomed to and imagine the one you have coming.

Anyway, from my present students I want feedback.  Which days of coursework did you really enjoy?  Highlights? What elements do you really think worked with each day?  What would you like to see more of or less?

Any good instructor is looking to improve their performance and the delivery of information.  Feel free to use this as forum to give constructive critique. You went to a great school but there is always room for improvement.

It has truly been a pleasure to have been involved in your culinary development and I look forward to hearing about your progress throughout your career. Until then, see you tomorrow for the final station practical.


Chef Andy


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