Week 12: Tuesday, Carbonara and the silence of the lambs

Every group of two got to bone their own leg of lamb today.  Chef Dale demoed the fabrication and then went into his office to bite down on a piece of leather while the students boned their own legs of lamb.  We used to do the same thing at CSR but we added a few other proteins for our students to fabricate and sauces for them to work on.  It was an obscene carnal festival and frankly quite chaotic.

This seems to be a less stressful system.

Here are the 9 steps to boning a leg of lamb.


After everyone was finished with their lamb and we had put away the muscles, we started to work on the menu.

GarMo put together a dish of Fettucine Carbonara which was quite near perfect, though I would have added a little less pecorino by personal preference.


We stuffed two of the lamb legs with a green olive, garlic and rosemary paste and trussed them.  We seared them in the oven then lowered the temperature to slowly bring them up to 125º, though I probably should have taken them to 130º as they were a little more rare than I wanted.  Still nonetheless very tasty meat and Stormin made a nice jus with the drippings. We also deep fried some blanched broccoli with a milanese breading and topped them with a little vinaigrette.  We deep fried those at the last minute to keep them very crisp.  We have deep fried a lot on this final rotation.


For dessert we had Zuppa Inglese a sort of variation on an English trifle.  Very fruity, boozy and topped with blow torched swiss meringue.


I liked the pattern so much, I came in for a close-up.

Waves of sugar