Week 12: Monday, Grilling the old 64 and getting our fingers in Venus’ navel

So hard to believe that the cooking portion of this program is almost over.  So much information covered and so much good food enjoyed.Today we focused on the food of Tuscany.  This is a region that I very much want to visit.  It’s the Provence of Italy and just as popular.  I got up and lectured on the area.
Then we began cooking the menu.  Hot line was responsible for getting the filling for the Tortellini together while  GarMo made the pasta.  Early on we marinated the huge T-Bones to prep them for some grill time.  They were beautifully marbled  pieces of Certified Black Angus (meant to take the place of Chianina beef raise in Tuscany and the largest breed of cattle).
I got the  whole class together for a big Tortellini making party. The nonas of Cook street were busy slaving away to put together the Venus navels.
Shortly after,  I went outside with Storming where we grilled a carnal landscape of beef.
Meanwhile Chef Dale was having the students make three different batches of risotto prepped exactly the same to show the group how much variance in taste and texture you could have from the individual touch of each group of two.
Then we actually sat down to have some lunch.  GarMo put out a soup called a passatelli, which was a brodo with an extruded roasted garlic bread crumb pasta.  Kind of like a spaetzle.  Very flavorful.
Then came the big buffet of beef, served with spinach and a selection of salts and olive oils.
And of course a nice big platter of tortellini served with a fresh pesto sauce.  Mama Mia!!!!
We had two wines today as well: a white Vernaccia di San Gimignano and a Super Tuscan
For dessert Papa John served some Semi Freddo (Fredo’s half brother).   Major food coma today, but all very worth it.

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