Week 11: Tuesday, Veecheeswaze, the twin rosemary spud towers and crispy currant tart

The topic today was Burgundy and Chef Dale stepped up to lecture.  Our meal didn’t quite reflect the area but could have been made in Bourgogne.  For first course we had Vichyssoise.  A cold potato leek soup created by Chef Louis Diat in NYC.  He named it after his hometown of Vichy, France.Chef Dale had his group making cucumber butterflies to garnish the bowl.  This was a wonderful soup and the weather even warmed up enough for it to be somewhat appropriate.  He garnished it with  a little paddlefish roe.
For the main course we grilled some beef tenderloin and served it with our red bliss potato tower.  The funny part of this presentation was the amount of time it took the group to work through it.  They were hovering around the plate trying to figure out what they were going to do to affix the potatoes together. They finally came up with a plan and settled on this presentation.  We kind of played on the theme of Tournedos Rossini with mushroom duxelle and foie gras.img_0422.jpg
I try to remember what it was like to be a culinary student again.  What it felt like to create something at the beginning  of learning a new craft.  Everything I produced in Culinary School got me excited and if it failed I carried the failure with me for  a few days.  I love to watch my students carry that same excitement with them when they create a dish each day and mostly the dishes are well thought out and executed.
For dessert Pastry came up with a lovely and refreshing perfectly baked black currant tart.  Its simplicity and its perfect execution stole the show.  Nothing else to add.

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