Week 11: Monday, The Savoie and Dauphine

We’re back with more regions of France for our students to learn. Today I lectured on the Savoie and Dauphiné. Two great regions of France which combined are known as the Rhone Alpes. The land of Beaufort, reblochon, St. Marcellin, sauce Nantua and birthplace to Brillat Savarin (Belley). Historically significant restaurants like Fernand Point’s La Pyramide or l’Auberge du Père Bise (in Talloires) and Pic in Valence. Sophie Pic (the grand-daughter) just last year put the restaurant back on the map by garnering the third star and putting women chefs back into the spotlight in France.
Some of my favorite wines on the planet come from this area. Côte Rôtie, Hermitage and Condrieu produce the best syrah and viognier.
The menu was fresh pasta with turned cucumbers. Now last session I was not sure what I was going to think of this dish as I am not a huge fan of cukes (should I say that they are not fans of me) but remarkably this dish turns out really well. Sautéeing the cukes mellows them and melds nicely with the gruyère cheese.img_0411.jpg
For the main course we put together pork tenderloins wrapped in bacon, seared and finished in the oven. We were going to serve two medallions per plate but then we decided to wrap two together to make on large one, which worked better for our presentation. We cooked off some Matefaims (which means hunger killers). They are eggy crêpes with some sautéed zucchini spinkled on one side while they are cooking. We brushed them with butter, sprinkled them with some parmesan and folded in quarters. The final result was:


For dessert we had a lemon crème chiboust with some beautifully rolled tuiles. The interesting thing is that last session we had this dish and it had am intense metallic taste. We thought that it had reacted with the bowl strainer when it was strained.

This time it happened again, however we believe we found the culprit. They blow torched the surface of the chiboust to caramelize it and the surface seemed to have reacted to the propane in the torch. If anyone knows why this phenomenon might occur, please enlighten.


Another start to a great week at Cook Street. Hard to believe that there are only two more weeks to go before the students head off to the Private Chef program and then the wine program.


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