Week 10: Thursday, Turning NY into tender and the lincoln log tunnel

This was a pretty tough day to properly execute, however the Hot line team pulled it off and delivered.  First challenge came when we were unable to get the tenderloin delivered in time so we had to substitute with NY Strip instead.  The size of that cut did not coincide with our vision of the dish.  So we decide to decided to turn our NY into two tenderloins by trimming any silverskin and fat and cutting the NY in half lengthwise. We then proceeded to truss/sear and slow roast our new (very tenderloin looking) NY strip loins.  Now this is a plus, because you get the flavor of a NY Strip yet the presentation size of a Tenderloin Medaillon or Tournedo.

The team still wanted to put out an amuse so we pulled out the rest of the Gnocchi and paired it with a reduced cream sauce, a thin slice of Grana and a few drops of reduced Balsamic vinegar.


We followed this dish with sweetbreads in a vol au vent with shiitake mushrooms, étuvéed leeks and a Madeira cream sauce.  The sweetbreads were processed using the four P’s: Purge, Poach, Press and Peel.  Then they were sliced, floured and seared.  Very tasty and we garnered a few converts. Organ meat can trigger some pretty strong psychological reactions in some.  One student specifically missed class to avoid having to handle or eat this delicacy.  Quel dommage! img_0385.jpg

Our main course also involved making pommes frites or French Fries but definitely not Freedom Fries. This task is not so easy when you have to do it without a dedicated fryer.  We spent a good amount of time blanching our fries at 275º.  Then we had to crisp them at 360º and finish them with white truffle oil, parsley and finely grated grana.

Add to this day a few à la minute side projects of setting up a snack platter for a staff meeting being held in our wine room, which is in a building a few doors down from the school, and a main course plate for the owner of the school and the challenge increases.
Nonetheless, we managed to get the project off the ground and in the end the plates looked awesome or very cute as Chef Michael put it.

Tournedo of New York strip with pomme frites, haricots vert and bordelaise sauce. We had a nice Bordeaux from the Graves area to pair with our meal.


The students came up with the final presentation (the deliberation over presentation at the onset of the day also slowed us down a bit, but I feel that it is vital that the students are able to apply critical thought in working through problems).

We had a selection of bloomy rind cheeses from the Truffle for dessert along with a glass of Banyuls a VDN from Chapoutier.



2 Responses

  1. Damn, that cheese looks good! Where on earth can you find such sensational stuff? 🙂

    I do miss the days of soft-ripened raw milk, though..


  2. Yeah Jim, you guys at the Truffle have good product but it is true it does not compare with the raw stuff. I was trying to explain that to the students and I told them they were going to have some cheese epiphanies while in France. I’m missing the place already.

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