Week 9: Tuesday, Surf, turf and truffles

Does life get much better than a day like this? Chef Lexie started us out on molded chocolates and the teams created their own ganache to their flavor specs. They filled their shells and sealed them and then I was up with menu review and the technique of how to build a Bisque.
We had a prospective student hang out with us and she couldn’t have chosen a better day to visit because we pulled out all the stops.
Chef Dale nurtured a lobster bisque (which of course involved some lobster slaughter) and made a batch of pâte brisée. From this he baked off some Fleurons or Batman boomerangs to garnish the soup. In the center of the bowl he placed an island of tender chunks of perfectly cooked lobster chunks (or Salpicon). Overall a very satisfying Bisque.
A big part of the menu review involved the proper steps involved in achieving a perfect roast. Now this is a topic that I have been studying and practicing for quite some time. Ultimately, it involves an initial high heat searing followed by a low and slow high humidity cooking environment to allow the protein to denature at the perfect temperature and the collagen to convert to beautiful gelatin.
Our team also worked on Gratin Dauphinois or scalloped browned potato casserole and Haricots Vert or green beans. We made an au jus from the vegetable bed and drippings from the roast.
We served a Woop Woop Chardonnay and Shiraz from Australia to accompany our two marvelous and rich courses.img_0305.jpg
Of course someone had to eat all those luscious filled chocolate truffles. Sorry no picture for now.

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