Week 9: Monday, Don’t lose your temper!

Today was devoted to chocolate. All about the growing, selection, varieties, curing, fermenting, conching that make this delicacy brought to the old world so long ago an exceptional food item. Hard to imagine that it’s popularity and global influence has such a short history.  After the lecture all the students got up and filled chocolate molds with tempered chocolate.  Tempering is tricky and requires a well calibrated thermometer and a certain focus on the process.  The results are what make the world of chocolate bonbons universally revered.  Shiny crisp chocolate filled goodness that crunch under the tooth and burst with creamy flavored ganache filling.
Anyway, while the students were toiling over their liquefied chocolate trying to get it properly emulsified, I was working on the mise en place for Salade Niçoise.  The students assembled the platters for this great composed salad.
We are on our final station rotation and I think that I have a rather fun and unique group to work with.

The platter up close and then the buffet.


Tomorrow, we roast prime to perfection.


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