Week 8: Thursday, Jump in mouth. Last day of 2nd rotation.

Time has flown by and we arrived today at the last day of the second rotation. Tomorrow the students take their station practicals. On Monday, I start my last rotation with the final group of students that I haven yet to work with in this class.Working the Hot Line had been a blast. I am not sure which station I like best, but I definitely prefer the space in hot line. It is a better layout and more conducive to work. Two drawbacks: no refrigeration and the combi is in GM.So today Chef Dale finished his presentation on food cost and then we set out to work on the dishes of the day.GM worked on a roasted garlic and balsamic fettuccine dish.


and we made Saltimbocca, with gorgonzola potato pancakes and seared radicchio. We had a real challenge working on the Gorgonzola potato pancakes as the flour and egg binder would change once the Gorgonzola started to melt. So we were continuously re-working the mix to get the right consistency. The seared and braised radicchio also presented a challenge. The lettuce is very bitter and after we steamed it for awhile in the combi and tasted it we decided that it needed a serious counterbalance to the bitter taste. We brushed it with a honey butter and caramelized it in the pan. In the end we managed to change the flavor profile enough to make it somewhat palatable, but it is not a lettuce that I will voluntarily reach for in the future.  The Saltimbocca or “jump in mouth” was delicious and fairly tender depending on which leg muscles we cut the pavés from.  We seared the veal and wrapped it in prosciutto, sage leaves andfinished it in the combi at low temp. Overall a very satisfying dish.


Pastry put together an ice cream buffet with a selection of various cookies.



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  1. What a great blog! Thanks Chef Andy, see you on Monday.

    Don Ricard

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