Week 8: Monday, Birdy num num

So, big mistake I did not bring my camera to school today. One of my students let me use her camera so we should have some pictures to match the description of the food. Chef Lexie was up first with a cookie lecture and then I came up with a lecture on Piedmont (the one region of Italy I have experience with).  Garde Manger was responsible for Bagna Cauda and the pepperoni farcito or tuna stuffed roasted peppers. Pastry made some grissini to go with BagnaBagna Cauda means warm bath, an anchovy, garlic, butter, olive oil mix that you serve with various vegetables.
For the main course or il segundi, we made quails stuffed with hazelnut chicken mousseline,  partially wrapped in grape leaves and bacon (hard to believe) and roasted in the oven.  We served it on a bed of polenta with a well nurtured fig sauce.  Quite delicious.  The two courses were paired with a Gavi by Palladino (I had the good fortune to be invited to lunch at his house in 1999 with a vertical tasting of his Barolos, an unforgettable experience).
For dessert we had a great arborio rice pudding with rolled tuile cigarette filled with ganache.

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