Slow cooked eggs

Eggs and cooking eggs evoke a lot of fear.  Too high cholesterol,  unsanitary eggs  contaminated with salmonella,  industrial produced eggs, type of feed etc.

Scientist and chefs have been playing with eggs for some time now and I have dabbled with them too.  When I was working at CSR we had purchased a Thermo recirculator and I did quite a few experiments cooking eggs at low temperatures of 145º for over an hour.  You could crack the egg and the whole egg would come out of its shell still looking like an egg, yet with a poached custard like consistency.

Well yesterday I tried to cook some in our combi oven at 140º for 45 minutes at 100% humidity and kept cracking eggs every 10 minutes after to see how the combi might perform compared to the recirculator.  Not as good.  Obviously they are not submerged in water at a constant temperature and I am aware that water is a better conductor of heat than air (even circulating).  Eventually I raised the temperature up to 150º then 160º before I got close to the result I was looking for.

Anyway, today I stumbled upon this article written in SF Gate

For those that are curious what other chefs are doing with eggs, this article provides some good insight and might dissuade fears about salmonella poisoning when cooking eggs below the traditionally prescribed temperature the USDA recommends.

I will continue to experiment with cooking eggs in the combi and let all of you know of my results.

Love that combi.


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