Week 7: Wednesday, Mon petit choux d’Alsace

This was a day focused on laminated doughs i.e. Puff Pastry, Danish and Croissant dough. Meanwhile behind the scenes, Chef Dale and myself were working on the mise en place for Flammekuchen, Choucroute Garni and we put up a washed rind cheese from Lorraine called a Gèrome (like a Munster) on beautifully braided two toned bread plate. The theme is Alsace.Alsace is cream, bacon, sausages, sauerkraut, beer and potatoes. Very german and very filling. Of course there are some amazing wines as well. The whole pinot family, Gewürztraminer and the great noble variety of Riesling, which is what we had today.img_0227.jpg

The flammenkuchen was very nice though the ones they serve in Alsace are much thinner and can be rolled up and popped in the mouth. They are also made with crème fraîche and sometimes fromage blanc. Otherwise a very interpretation of the original.For the plat principal we had the choucroute garni. A heaping platter of slowly cooked cabbage, sausages und pork bellies, surrounded by boiled potatoes.


Ov course if von is good 3 iz better.


Und now let’s look at the masterpiece of bread braiding, which Justin our Kiwi put together for our petit Munster.


The huge treat of the day was a bottle of Quart de Chaume a dessert wine from the Loire valley, more particularly from the Coteaux du Layon area. I learned something new about the wine from Papa John (nickname for one of our students). Quart de Chaume was named because wealthy landlords told the vintners that a quart or quarter of the wines made in Chaume were exclusively reserved for them. This wine was a treat and a perfect cap to our day.



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