Week 7: Tuesday, The French invasion and lamb scraps

Hard not to get excited for this day. Introduction to my favorite country and featuring the cuisine of my favorite region: Provence. I gave a lecture on the geographical aspect of France and key cities, followed by an explanation of the normal French menu progression, as well as what one might expect from a long drawn out Haute Cuisine menu at a Michelin restaurant. Then Chef Dale followed with a review of the region of Provence and cuisine of Lyon.We got to work at 11am after Chef Dale showed everyone how to French a rack of lamb. The menu for the day: Amuse Bouche of puff pastry rounds topped with red onion jam and Foie Gras, Crespeou, Rack of lamb with a pistachio crust and ratatouille and to finish a Paris Brest and an add on miniature Croque en Bouche.Robert and his daughter took a stroll through downtown Denver and got a feel for the inner city of Denver. They returned just before lunch at 2pm.img_0213.jpgA picture of the right before it hit the combi first at 375º with 20% humidity then down to 170º at 50% humidity.img_0216.jpg

A tray of Foie Gras amuse.


The Crespeou.


A picture of Robert Brunel and Chef Michael Comsted just freshly back from Molakai.


Nice rack!!!!


A Paris Brest.


Ze mini Croque en Bouche. Robert Brunel and his daughter Charlene caught a taxi at 3:15 for the airport. It was great to hang out with them albeit a short visit.


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