Week 6: Thursday, Death to lobsters

My lecture today was on Caviar and then Chef Dale followed with a demo on lobster dispatching (I had never heard of this term before working here) but basically it is a lobster slaughter and dismantle session. Now, that is something that I can get excited about. There was a never a time in my culinary career that I ever felt squeamish about jamming a knife right into the frontal lobe (though technically there is no lobe) of this crustacean, but having taught it so many times I am acutely aware of the raw discomfort many feel committing this necessary act involved in the consumption of this fine tasting species. Remember that in every meal which involves eating a dead animal there is complicity and maybe there would be a lot less people choosing to eat animal protein if they actually had to raise it and kill it before eating it. This is how disconnected most are when it comes to the natural order of the food chain. Respect the creature that gives its life for our nourishment, don’t take it for granted anddon’t think that if you are far enough removed from its death that you are not part of it.Today was a marvelous food day. GM made a beautiful batch of Oysters Rockefeller. A beautiful mound of wilted seasoned spinach topped with a plump oyster and topped with first a layer of Mornay sauce and then a layer of Mornay combined with a hollandaise. All this was delicately roasted in the oven and finished under the salamander to give it a nice glaze.img_0206.jpgYou probably can’t tell that we are fond of bacon here can you?Hot line spent a long time cooking the lobster shells with various aromatics and stocks. We ground the shells and then cooked them longer and then food milled them and cooked them some more, then we passed them through a fine mesh chinois and took that flavorful liquid and reduced it further. Now it is ready for butter. We whisked in a 1/2 lb. of butter and adjusted the seasoning. Meanwhile David (sniper boy) made a batch of beurre fondue that we poached the lobster tails and claws in (Thomas Keller method). We folded roasted red pepper confetti brunoise and lobster coral into a batch of rice pilaf and molded it onto the plate.img_0208.jpgFor dessert Alicia came up with a unique concoction of a frozen curry mousse served with a coconut soup and topped with candied ginger. Very interesting flavors that definitely cleaned the palate. Overall it was a truly great tasting meal .img_0209.jpg

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