Week 6: Wednesday, Shellfish and whole roasted fish

My big lecture for the day was on the world of Shellfish. Homarus Americanus (Maine lobster), crabs, shrimp, crayfish, scallops, oysters, clams, geoducks. mussels, squid and octopus. A vast world of delicious amino filled underwater lusciousness.For the following two days GM worked on some of the classic American shellfish applications. Today Clams Casino and tomorrow Oysters Rockefeller. The French aren’t too big on gussing up their clams and oysters with sauces or imparting heat to them. They like their shellfish raw and with lemon or mignonette. I think both of these applications are wonderful and full of flavor if done properly. We set the table up for a fancy meal.img_0201.jpg
I took a picture of the whole fish before we stuffed them and roasted them.
The idea of the dish was to get the students to learn how to debone a whole cooked fish and for them to understand how much more juicy a whole cooked fish is. This is a very common technique in Europe. Bocuse has built his reputation on his famous whole sea bass en croute. These fish were roasted in the combi at 375º at 10% humidity for 10 minutes on a bed of mirepoix. That oven is amazing.We served the farm raised stripped bass (acquacultured in Alamosa Colorado) with pureed potatoes mixed with a creamy mushroom duxelle and a sweet garlic cream sauce.
The fish was succulent and well seasoned. The Duxelle potatoes were wonderfully earthy and of course laden with butter and cream.To cap off a great meal pastry made chocolate soufflé and served it with crème anglaise and raspberry coulis.
A great day.

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