Week 6: Tuesday, concert for kampachi

This day found us playing with duck confit and kampachi (an aquaculture fish from the shores off Kona) the fish guy told us that it is the new super fish (no toxins, very high in omega 3 and sustainable). So we decided to give it a shot.
Chef Lexie went into a lecture on custards and soufflés, then Chef Dale lectured on cooking methods for different fish and then we went into production.Chef Dale used cabbage, duck confit and rabbit confit to put together the appetizer and served it with a cherry sauce.

I followed with taking the vegetables common in a pistou and putting a twist on the Kampachi by wrapping it in potato that had been put through the Japanese turning slicer to create a long thin strand of potato. This is a great way to add texture to a fish filet and to keep in moisture.


I had the students try to think through what they would do with the potential problem of the fried potato coming in contact with the nage and getting soggy. They opted for pureeing some cooked flageolets and having them act as a base. This idea worked in the context of a pistou recipe which can often include coco beans.For dessert we had a frozen lemon soufflé with a blueberry filling. Very refreshing ending to a full meal. Wine for the day was a Meursault (one of my favorite white Burgundies, thus a Chardonnay).


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